Spotify Premium – How to get for free

Try the free tweak version of Spotify now- Spotify++

Movies and music are two forms of entertainment that are entertaining us for centuries. We will never get bored from that as long as new and interesting music and movies are releasing. To easy access, more and more apps for music and movies are also developing. They are becoming even more popular than other apps due to quick access to music from all genres. No matter whether you like pop, rock, classical, hip-hop, rap, or old melodies, music apps serve you every song anytime. Moreover, these music apps are either free or ask subscription. But whatever the fees are, people don’t hesitate to try them due to their love for music. Spotify++ is one of the largest music playing app that is an advanced version of Spotify.

First, let us tell you what Spotify is before you get to know about Spotify plus.

Spotify- a music streaming app

Similar to other streaming music services, Spotify is one popular app that allows you to listen from millions of songs available online. Moreover, you can listen to videos and podcasts from around the world. Connecting to the music world is easy by simply signing up to Spotify either facebook account or using an email address. Go free version of the app or switch to Spotify++.

However, the free version is not ad-free so anyone who hates ads in between music streaming can download the premium version. But the premium version needs a monthly subscription and has more features than the basic version. Another great option to stream music for free is to switch to Spotify++. Yes, it’s free and you save $9.99/month that you would have to pay for using official Spotify.

Spotify plus- what’s new?

It is a tweak version which has all premium features of Spotify that don’t ask for monthly charges. The second best part is that its jailbreak free. You can download it on iOS devices without updating the firmware.


Features of Spotify plus plus

  • It has around 30 million tracks for the users
  • You can use it without using an Apple ID
  • Even jailbreaking is not required
  • Gives you the best audio quality for music streaming
  • Unlimited track scrubbing
  • It has all the official features from Spotify
  • Download Spotify++ this way

Since users will not get it on the app store as the app is not developed by the official app developer and by a third party, so they are worried about its download. Downloading is easy by using specific sources on the internet, get the link and choose whether you want to download on iOS or Android. You will see the app, click on it to begin the installation. Wait for a while and its download.

However, before doing these steps, delete the official app from the device.

Benefits of this free version

Massive choice of songs and tracks is available at Spotify plus which you can access for free. No monthly subscription but this is available for 6 months from the start. Later, the playtime will reduce to 5 times and 10 hours/month.

Since it’s ad-free and free of cost you will love it. So, get your Spotify++ now.